January 12, 2015

Mega Celebration 2014 Event Wrap up and Giveaway winner

Hello everyone!! First of all I like to wish my readers a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2015!! Hope this year bring lots of love and happiness in your lives. I hope I was able to bring a little happiness in your lives by means of my Mega Celebration events and games especially thought about to bring all crafters together and to have fun.

I am really very sorry for posting this final post of the Mega Celebration so late. I shifted back to my home in Mumbai with my 6 month old son, from my mom's place in Pune, and was busy settling things here.
Before I announce the winner of my giveaway, I wanted to share some of the feedback that I received from you all through comments and emails. Thanks girls!! This is what keeps me going and motivates me to hold such events.

"Thanks Indira, I really enjoyed participating in all the fun contests...."
"I really appreciate the effort and planning involved in conceptualizing and organising something like this !!"
"You are doing a great job, keep it up. I really appreciate all the hard work that you have put in to organize this event."
"What a great way to celebrate!Loved the concept and the challenges, Indira!"
"This challenge is truly one of a kind only you could have come up with such a unique idea" - on Challenge event
"Thanks for this fun event. Really enjoyed it thoroughly!!" - on Word Search event
"Though I am late in sending this, had fun while doing this" - on Word Search event
"Lovely events planned. DEfinitely a tough one" - on Word Search event
"First of all thank you so much for this wonderful challenge. It got my brain ticking :)" - on Word Search event
"This was tough... pure "tukka" here, just for thr fun of participation..." - on Photo Mashup event
"After researching and scratching my head all day long, I just managed to get four. I hope they are right though. - on Photo Mashup event
"This challenge of yours was quite a toughie :) hats off to you for taking efforts for putting it all together" - on Photo Mashup event
"Hi Indira, thanks again for creating these fun contests. This particular one helped me to relook at your creative journey in one go and I must say that I came back very impressed with the variety in your work from 2007 onwards !! " - on Explore event

And now to the much awaited winner of the Blog Giveaway, who wins a INR 1000/- gift voucher to shop at any one of the 5 stores who sponsored my events, is no.8....

Vijaylaxmi Siyal !!

Congratulations Vijaylaxmi!!! Please write to me at indira.bhullar@gmail.com to know how to avail your prize. Also do let me know the store of your choice!! :D
Here is a wrap up of all the posts related to Mega Celebration 2014 with links and names of all winners.
1. Mega Celebration 2014 Event 1 - Blog Giveaway
2. Mega Celebration 2014 Event 2 - Challenge
3. Mega Celebration 2014 Event 3 - Word Search
4. Mega Celebration 2014 Event 4 - Guest Tutorial5. Mega Celebration 2014 Event 5 - Photo Mashup
6. Mega Celebration 2014 Event 6 - Explore
7. Mega Celebration 2014 Event 7 - People BINGO
8. Mega Celebration 2014 Event 1 - Blog Giveaway Winner - Vijaylaxmi Siyal
9. Mega Celebration 2014 Event 2 - Challenge Winner - Pooja
10. Mega Celebration 2014 Event 3 - Word Search Answers & Winner - Hussena  Calcuttawala
11. Mega Celebration 2014 Event 5 - Photo Mashup Answers & Winner - Jasleen Kaur
12. Mega Celebration 2014 Event 6 - Explore Answers & Winner - Suman Pandit
13. Mega Celebration 2014 Event 7 - People BINGO Answers & Winner - Vijaylaxmi Siyal

I really want to extend a heartful thanks to all my sponsors - Crafters Corner, Craftslane, Lulupu - The Craft Lounge, Rainbow Craftykari & The Craft Shop. Without your support, the event would not have been such a success. I was overwhelmed when many other craft stores approached me to sponsor some of the events after the Mega Celebration was announced. I will surely get in touch with you next time!!

Also a very BIG thanks to Juhi Khanna and Karuna Chauhan for judging the event 2 - Challenge and Sindhura Prajay for sharing the fabulous tutorial!!


  1. Wohoo...thank you so much Indira...A tight hug to you...thank you..:)

  2. A very Happy new year to you and your family Indira ...you have really entertained us these past few weeks with all the fun events and giveaway and I hope this new year brings you all the happiness and success your way :)
    Loads of love to your little one :)

  3. Congratulations to Shalu !! It was great fun Indira...A very Happy New Year to you and your loved ones :)


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