August 27, 2010

Quilled Umbrella

This is one project I wanted to take up for a long time. I must say that it was quite time consuming, but I really loved the outcome.........!


Shaping up.......doesn't it look good at this stage too! view!

Ah..........finally!! I m lovin it!

Quilled cards

Here are some more of my Quilled cards. Really easy and fun to make!

Quilled Card

I made this card for my younger brother on his Birthday. That explains the blue color theme. I shall post the how-to for this card soon!! Keep watchin!

Quilled elements

I am so happy finally I could make so many quilled elements for my various crafts stuff. It becomes really easy when you have so many things in store and you can choose from them while you are creating something.
Have a look at my collection.......... there are quilled roses, fringed flowers, quilled flowers, leaves, birdy, a pink teddy bear, (below) butterfly,  husked flowers, multi-layered flowers and bows too!!

Below are few flowers that I made using my newly acquired flower punches. I just love them!

Finally, I sorted my stuff by color into boxes so that it is easy to retrieve them.

Quilled miniature

This is a really simple miniature made by quilling. I have two shades of paper for the flowers: yellow and blue. Glue the yellow and blue papers together in 1:4 ratio resp. and curl up tightly. Pop the yellow part outside somewhat like how we make a bell. Cut out long leaves using A4 green paper. Make a small vase by combining 2-3 strips of quilling paper.

Flower basket

I made this cute little basket for my husband. He has been eyeing my other miniatures for a long time. So I thought why not make an exclusive one for him. It adorns his office desk now :).........

August 23, 2010

Lin Handmade Greeting Cards

This is one blog that inspires me everytime I visit it: Lin Handmade Greeting Cards.
Her this month's blog giveaway is a beautiful butterfly card. I so wish I get it.

Prizes for August 2010 Blog Giveaway:

8 quilled butterfly cards for 8 lucky winners

Visit her blog:
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