December 27, 2010

New Cards.......for the New Year!!

These are probably my last cards for the year....... but certainly not the last ones from my stable ;)  I have tried to keep them quite simple.

December 26, 2010

Another frame for a couple!

Here is another frame that I made on order. This time I tried a new color scheme......yellow and orange and a darker shade of green for the foliage! And  I must say that it came out pretty well!! Wat say? :) :)

Get well soon......

This card I made for one of my friend as she was unwell.... she loves my cards and so I thought if I make one for her it'll cheer her up!

I presented it to her on behalf of couple of other friends as well and I came up with the idea of putting all personalised messages in a tiny envelope inside the card...... Have a look below!

December 12, 2010

More cards....

I had lots of these lovely roses in stock and was thinking what to do with them. Then I came across an idea and this was the result.

Christmas Cards

Here are few cards from my Christmas this space for more Christmas cards.

Spiral roses card

I loved this card so much that I wanted to keep it for myself. But this was the first to be sold during my exhibition :) :)


This is my second frame. The first frame I had made was for my best friend. Since then I have had many people expressing their appreciation for it.

My colleague wanted to gift a similar one to her friend on his wedding. So this was made within 2 days (framing took 1 day). She was really delighted with the final product.

December 11, 2010

On your Wedding Day!!

One of my colleague wanted me to make a card for her cousin’s wedding. So I came up with this design. It was made in just one evening and am glad it came out well. I made the envelope too so that it matched the flowers!

My first ever exhibition

I had been mulling over it since a long time but I could finally hold the first exhibition of my creations on 29th Oct 2010. I had greeting cards, jewellery, picture frames and bookmarks on display. The bookmarks were a hit among all the visitors and almost all of them picked up atleast one bookmark.

Here are a few glimpses of my exhibition.

New Earrings

These are some of my new earring designs that I made 2-3 months back. This time I have made smaller designs which can be worn at work also :)  Hope u like’em!!


Hey guys sorry for not posting stuff for over a you must have guessed from my last post, I changed my job and was really busy settling down there. But yeah I am still doing my quilling and saving all the stuff to share with you :). So here it goes......
Here are my new pendant designs. I think they’ll look really chick with jeans and t-shirt!

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