February 19, 2010

Quilled Jewellery sets

Jewellery sets made using quilling comb.

Jewellery set made using husking technique.

Quilled Jewellery set

Few quilled pendants

V-Day Special

This time, unlike last year when we went out of town to celebrate our first V-day after wedding, we decided to stay in Mumbai. Another reason was that my husband doesn't have an off on Saturdays now, so its difficult to go out on weekends. Well I decided to use this opportunity and give him a surprise. I baked a chocolate walnut cake for him and hid it. I also made a cute li'l card and some wall hangings inspired from Marths Stewart's website.

I decorated the room while he was getting ready to go out and he was taken aback by the surprise. The cake came out pretty well. The recipe for this cake is the same as the one posted here [http://arty-sorts.blogspot.in/2010/01/marble-cake.html], execept for the fact that it has more cocoa powder and I decorated it with chocolate ganache and powdered sugar. I used a heart stencil to create that effect with powdered sugar on the cake.

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