June 30, 2011

Quilled garden

Hi guys, this is by far the most complicated and time consuming card I've made till now. I like to keep my cards simple :) For this card I literally had to conceptualize, plan and then get to work, unlike most of my other works, where I just get started with what I have in store. This card took unusually more time also because I was down with viral fever since a week and was low on energy :(. I made this card in bits and pieces. Normally when I start with one card, I finish it the same day.
The starting point for this card is the ICR5 challenge where we were supposed to interpret rain in our own way. My interpretation is this card: where green becomes greener, bugs, insects come to life and birdies take shelter in trees :)

The twist in this challenge was to also deck up either the inside of the card or the envelope.

 A closer look...
 I really loved playing with the inside of this card. I used this dancing bug to depict the joy rain brings to these li'l creatures :) And to literally make it dance, I attached it to the card with a spring. (Pic below) It wobbles when you touch it :) Hehe I'm so loving it!!

 Then I added a pocket with two tags for writing personal messages.

Hope you like this card as much I liked making it!! :)

June 24, 2011

One more award :)

Hey buddies! A quick post on another blog award that I received from Kavitha.

Thanks so much Kavi. You have immense talent and a big heart to share it with so many others through your art school. Guys check out her awesome blog.

I am passing this award to the following wonderful bloggers :)
1. Jovi
2. Hussena
3. Snehal
4. Deepti

June 21, 2011

Quilled leaves

Hey guys! Today is the longest day of the year. This phenomenon is called 'Summer Solstice' and indicates the peak of the summer season. :)
So since I have a longer day at hand, why not share a card I made recently! The fun was to make so many quilled leaves (the max I made at one go for a single card). I liked the various shades of green used for the leaves :)

June 20, 2011

My first blog award!!

Wow! This seems to be a good month for me and my blog! Won the first ever blog award from 2 lovely ladies at the same time! :) Thanks Hussena & Shubhra !!

And so now according to the rules I need to share a few things about myself..............
1. I am crazy for crafts. I love all sorts of crafts and sometimes get drifted from one art form to another :) For now I am trying to concentrate on 'Quilling'!
2. I would love to give up my job for being a full time crafter. Alas! Dunno if that would really be possible.
3. Being a crabby (cancerian) I am mostly an indoor person, and that gives me all the more chance to indulge in crafts.
4. I am a keen craft/art observer. Some of the crafts I learnt are actually the ones I observed whiel accompanying my mum for her crafts classes :)
5. Most of the people around me know my penchant and love for crafts, coz that's what I love talking about most!
6. I have an eye for details. I remember once I had visited a restaurant in Chandigarh (Punjab, India), for lunch and saw a lovely set of 3 paitings. The first thing I did after coming back home was to make one for myself, a close replica of the same :) and that too w/o any reference.
7. I love soft romantic music, but can listen to other forms as well :)
8. I love cake decoration and sugar craft.

I am passing this award to few people whose work I like or admire. So here they are (in no particular order):

1. Dr Sonia SV:  for sharing such awesome tutorials & such fab work!
2. Asma' Ahmad Bahari: I simply love her creations. She is such a perfectionist.
3. Azlina Lin: I am an ardent fan of her work. Really admire her work a lot.
4. ManuK: really like her creative quilling and bright colors she uses :)
5. Miyyah: She has an eye for a different type of quilling never seen anywhere else!
6. Kavitha: for her passion for crafts. She is an artist par excellence.
7. Paula: for her eye for details. You have to see the quilled tiger she made. 

Cheers & Happy crafting!! 

June 18, 2011

Quilled roses

This card was made in a jiffy. I just had all the right things in front of me at the right time!! The cut-out that you see here is actually taken from a wedding card. It blended really well with the cardstock. I had the roses in my toolbox and all that was needed wast to put all of them together :) If you note carefully the border is made out of the small cutouts from a border punch that we usually discard.

June 16, 2011

Giveaway at Pixie Dust Paperie

They are giving away Pixie December Kit "Times Square Twenty 11" this time. Do check it out here!

June 15, 2011

Quilled flower pot

After a long time I made this quilled flower pot for my friend on her b'day. I just love baskets and cute li'l quilled miniatures. Have not tried them much though. Here are the links of some of the baskets and miniatures I made earlier.

June 12, 2011

Winner's cards

Finally, the cards for the winners of my blog contest are ready :)
The winners had a choice to either choose from any of my handmade cards or to order a customised one. Neha and Hussena wanted a card similar to the handmade roses card that I made. They both loved the roses very much! So here are their cards (center-Neha, right-Hussena)
Another view... 

 Neha's card : I am entering this in Crafty JC Challenge - Digi or Doodle.

 Hussena's card

The 3rd winner, Huzefa, wanted a Birthday card. The brief was to include flowers in the card. I shall post his card in a few days (after he's given the card to the person for whom he ordered it, Don't wanna leak his secret).

UPDATE: View the card I made for Huzefa, here.

There was also a surprise element for the winners. They'll receive the following yummy craft goodies from me. Hope they like it. Looking forward to seeing what they create from it. :)
 and the cards...
Happy crafting!!

June 9, 2011

Yippeee.........I won!

Hey guys........ just wanted to share with you that I won the Guest Challenge at Kavitha's blog anniversary contest and am also chosen among the top 3 designers for the Inspirational challenge.

I am so happy and elated  :) Thanks Anita and Kavitha !!!
Really enojyed the weekly contests :)

My entry for the Guest challenge was the handmade roses card.
My entry for the Inspirational challenge was the Quilled roses card.

To know more about the contest at Kavitha's blog, click here.

June 7, 2011

ICR4 challenge card

ICR is holding their 4th challenge.
The challenge board is posted below.
The challenge was to use black, white and tiffany blue and no DPs.

Here is my rendition of the same. Some random scribbling and a chic woman :) Hope u like it.
To know more about the ICR4 challenge, click here.
I am also entering this card for CraftJC's Challenge - Digi or Doodle.
The leaves are hand drawn.

June 6, 2011

Colorful Quilled Card

Hey guys! Posting a card that I made few days back. I have quite a lot of stuff lined up to be shared on the blog.
Will put up one by one......  :)
This background btw is also a clothing tag. I really love the colors. I just started off with this without anything particular in mind. I guess the end product is looking quite cool :) Wat say?

View my other cards made using clothing tags here and here...

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