August 26, 2015

Collage Clay Art - First Trials

Hey Everyone!! I was so excited to share this post that I couldn't hold back. I received my parcel from Crafters Corner today and I must admit that I am oh so mesmerised by this art. When I first saw posts about this art form on my fb timeline, I didn't give much thought about it. But as I saw more and more uses of it and the DTs at CC showed how beautifully it can be used, I ordered my stuff.

These are a few items I chose to try my hands on for the first time.
Cerelac and milk powder scoops (sans their handle), an empty glass jar and a plastic hollow button.

And this is what I made out of them....ain't it mouthwatering!!! I made tiny cakes and cupcakes, and also decorated the lid of the glass jar.

Once I finished these trials, I had the courage to transform my phone's original back cover.... and voila , there you go!! Drool drool drool!!!! I love these yummy cabochons. I used up all the yummy ones for my phone's back cover.

Check out all the cuteness, yumminess!! :D

All the stuff is now left to dry. I was so excited that I called up Shalini and told her how happy I was with this art and thanked her for introducing it to us. 

Stay tuned to see what more I create out of this!!

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