September 15, 2009

Dry Flower Arrangement

Me and my mom were too much into flower arranging and other craft stuff while I was in my teens. We had made these dry flower arrangements for a competition. The second one that you see here got me the 1st prize.

Paper Flowers

I made these paper carnations with tissue paper and the red flowers with duplex paper.


I made this deisgn on the pot by cutting out flowers from an old card. These individual flowers were then pasted onto the pot with some cotton stuffed at the back for a 3-D look. Paint some leaves and add some glitter to get this look.

Designer Pots

This is also one of my very old creations. I had made the flowers and leaves with a dough made of Plaster of Paris and fevicol.

Basket for Children

I had made these around 8-10 years back. Recently found this photo in one of my albums and thoughht I'd put it up here.

Kusudama Art

Kusudama is a Japanese paper model that is usually created by sewing multiple identical pyramidal units (usually stylized flowers folded from square paper) together through their points to form a spherical shape. Here I have made an ornament out of it instead of the usual spherical ball.

Quilled Box

I made this li'l trinket box also last weekend with Shilpi's Quilling kit that I had purschased.
You may buy it at It is also available at Hobby Ideas and at other Stationery stores.

Quilling Card

A quilled card that i made last weekend. I was pretty happy by the way it came out. Hope you like it too.


More cards made with left over pieces of paper. The second has my husband's and my name written on it :-). I cut-out alphabets from magazines to make up the names.

Working with Stencils.

Stencils are really easy to use and fun to work with. While I was making this Sweet Peas stencil, I kept the inner pieces which we normally discard for use elsewhere. I painted them and stuck onto a card stock paper to make this card.
The second image on right is a bookmark made with a stencil. I outlined it with golden color and added some dots.
The third image is another example of stencilling and brush painting.

Cut-out Cards

I made thess cards with stencil like technique. You have to trace the design on a contrasting paper and cut it out carefully with a sharp blade. Paste it on to card stock paper and see the design come out beautifully in a contrast.

Stocking Flowers

These are flowers made out of stockings. They come in various shades and you can make different varieties by changing the shape of the wire.

September 10, 2009

Set of 3 paintings

I had made these 3 set of paintings in blue color just after my 12th exams. I had seen this set at a restaurant in Chandigarh and wanted to have a same set for myself. So I just made it with whatever material I had.

Karvachauth Goodies

Karvachauth is a festival eagerly awaited by most of the married Indian women. They fast all day without food and water for the long life of their husband. They dress up very nicely for the puja that takes place in the evening and adorn all kinds of jewellery and make-up. They also put henna on their hands and feet.
I had presented this kit of goodies to my mom-in-law last year. And am yet to shop for this year's celebration.

Stuffed Capsicum and Tomatoes

I had made this a few months back. Used a mixture of potatoes, mixed veggies, onion, coriander and spices for stuffing.

Painting on Tiles

I had made these set of tiles after completing my graduation. I had gone home for holidays and just started off randomly with some tiles and designs that came to my mind. The end result was good and my parents loved them so much that they went ahead and framed all of them. Guests coming to my place still admire them.
A closer look at some of them............

I had used a paste of POP to outline the designs and then painted them with gold and bronze color.

Card for Mom

I had made this card long back for my mom on one of her Birthdays. She still has it with her. :-)

Colorful Card

For this card I simply cut out paper into flower shapes,  leaves and bush.

Stencil cards

Some more cards made using stencils.

Cards made with Stencil and Brush painting

The same stencil can be used to create a variation of the above card.........

Cross-stitch Pin Cushions

Cross-stitch pin cushion that I had made a few years back..

Cross-stitch Kitchen Napkins

I had made these kitchen napkins about 4 years back. I thought I would use them in my kitchen but haven't started using them still as I don't want to spoil them. I guess I should better start using them so that I can make newer ones soon!

September 9, 2009


I bought this quilling kit from Hobby Ideas and have been trying to take out time to work on it. Finally last weekend I was able to work on 2 small projects.
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