April 4, 2011

Simple cards using clothing tags

I try to reuse stuff as far as possible. These cards are made by using tags of a clothing line to create background for the artwork...

I had 3 tags of similar type, but I used 2 of them: one with blue-green color and other with yellow-mustard combination. The 3rd one had a more interesting design on its other side so I wanted to use it for another card.


  1. Lovely! i too keep the tags handy. They make some real nice embellishments. u might see them in few cards too :) thanks for hopping over at he candy :)

  2. Thanks so much Karuna! It's really nice to connect with someone who shares the same passion :)

    Thanks Katrin :) love ur work!

  3. what a lovely idea of using clothing tags i get to learn something new everday,its amazing.

  4. Ha ha nice to see a kindred spirit. I hate to throw away such tags too. My little one is picking up the habit from me and any bit of paper gets saved saying" we can make something out of this"!


Thank you for your lovely comments! They mean a lot to me :)


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