June 30, 2011

Quilled garden

Hi guys, this is by far the most complicated and time consuming card I've made till now. I like to keep my cards simple :) For this card I literally had to conceptualize, plan and then get to work, unlike most of my other works, where I just get started with what I have in store. This card took unusually more time also because I was down with viral fever since a week and was low on energy :(. I made this card in bits and pieces. Normally when I start with one card, I finish it the same day.
The starting point for this card is the ICR5 challenge where we were supposed to interpret rain in our own way. My interpretation is this card: where green becomes greener, bugs, insects come to life and birdies take shelter in trees :)

The twist in this challenge was to also deck up either the inside of the card or the envelope.

 A closer look...
 I really loved playing with the inside of this card. I used this dancing bug to depict the joy rain brings to these li'l creatures :) And to literally make it dance, I attached it to the card with a spring. (Pic below) It wobbles when you touch it :) Hehe I'm so loving it!!

 Then I added a pocket with two tags for writing personal messages.

Hope you like this card as much I liked making it!! :)


  1. This is really really pretty Indira... totally gorgeous...!!

  2. Ooh what a beautiful beautiful card.I love the drawing you have made on the inside - the expression on the face is so wonderful! The quilling is super and so many different flowers you have made!

  3. Fantastic card, love the quilling, and the bug inside is so cute!!!!

  4. This is something amazng,love the colors:)

  5. wow indira di...its too good...will try to case this one sooon...:)

  6. this is so gorgeous,just can't believe the amount of work u have put into it,the inside of the card is so unique i really love your ideas.

  7. wow this is really awesome Indira.. love it..

  8. Love the way you have created the rainbow . The entire card so colourful, I like it a lot.

  9. Its a wonderful little thing !

  10. toooooo good Indu..amazing. I have been visiting your blog a few times...and I am amazed at your creativity....well done... :))


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