June 12, 2011

Winner's cards

Finally, the cards for the winners of my blog contest are ready :)
The winners had a choice to either choose from any of my handmade cards or to order a customised one. Neha and Hussena wanted a card similar to the handmade roses card that I made. They both loved the roses very much! So here are their cards (center-Neha, right-Hussena)
Another view... 

 Neha's card : I am entering this in Crafty JC Challenge - Digi or Doodle.

 Hussena's card

The 3rd winner, Huzefa, wanted a Birthday card. The brief was to include flowers in the card. I shall post his card in a few days (after he's given the card to the person for whom he ordered it, Don't wanna leak his secret).

UPDATE: View the card I made for Huzefa, here.

There was also a surprise element for the winners. They'll receive the following yummy craft goodies from me. Hope they like it. Looking forward to seeing what they create from it. :)
 and the cards...
Happy crafting!!


  1. Its beautiful. Lucky winners!!Next time I want to win!! Ha Ha.

  2. wao...thanka a lot indira :0
    i m loving it

  3. This is just so gorgeous love it .....thanks a lot indira.i am counting days till this will be in my hand.

  4. Thanks all of u :)
    @ Neha & Hussena: I will be couriering the parcel in this week :)

  5. This is my first visit here. I am in awe of your quilled frames.very inspiring

  6. hey indira... was getting together addresses of all Mumbai crafters from ICR and realised u from Navi Mumbai... nice to know that... we planning to meet somewhere in July possibly over lunch or something... let me know if you would us.. it would be grt...

  7. Hi Jovi, I stay at Andheri. Would love to join u all. But one request, please plan it on a weekend :)

  8. The card is absolutely pretty! Love the ribbon flowers and the soft colors.

    Thanks for playing along CraftyJC Challenge yet again!

  9. Thanks Ujjwal! The roses are made from paper.

  10. Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous! :) Loved the clouring too. Lucky lucky winners :)
    Thanks for playing along at CraftyJC Challenge :)

  11. wow...i didnt noticed the craft goodies pics before...they looks awesome...will eagerly wait for get it in my hands...wow

    indira di

    love u

    muuaahh :)



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