October 14, 2009

Rangoli design collection

Here are some more of my rangoli design collection. Do let me know if you find them useful and also feel free to share your rangoli designs. I will publish them here with your name :-)

For more Rangoli ideas visit: http://mykolam.blogspot.com/


  1. Indira,
    These are just incredible. Are these your own design, or are they passed down in a family?
    I would love to see these in person, what a lovely tradition.
    Hope you do not mind me asking a foolish question, are these used to celebrate other things besides festivals; such as births and weddings?

  2. Wow, these are very beautiful rangoli designs.

    @ Teddie, I think they mainly use it for festival. And you know India, the country of festivals and Rangoli is one of the most beautiful aspects.

  3. Hello Friend

    You have a great collection of rangoli designs. Really good and colorful rangolis. I visited while doing some research about rangoli designs for my post.

    All the best

  4. Great article about rangoli. Keep it up


  5. All rangoli designs you shared are nice. All are colourfull and awesome designed. Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Hi I love your designs, they are a spectacular creation for Diwali, I will surely use them this year! rangoli designs

  7. I love your collection of Rangoli designs, thank you for sharing and good job.


  8. Even I making doing different Rangoli designs every year. This Diwali I am surely going to pick something from here. Lovely designs must say! Thanx for sharing.

  9. Such an interesting post you have here. The collection of rangoli designs you provided is amazing, the patterns are great as well as the color combinations, looks perfect. Superb artwork indeed !! Anyway, thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed it !!

  10. Really a wonderful collection of rangoli designs you have here. I really love the patterns, the color combination used and especially its captivating essence - really a superb artwork. Thank you for sharing :)


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