June 20, 2011

My first blog award!!

Wow! This seems to be a good month for me and my blog! Won the first ever blog award from 2 lovely ladies at the same time! :) Thanks Hussena & Shubhra !!

And so now according to the rules I need to share a few things about myself..............
1. I am crazy for crafts. I love all sorts of crafts and sometimes get drifted from one art form to another :) For now I am trying to concentrate on 'Quilling'!
2. I would love to give up my job for being a full time crafter. Alas! Dunno if that would really be possible.
3. Being a crabby (cancerian) I am mostly an indoor person, and that gives me all the more chance to indulge in crafts.
4. I am a keen craft/art observer. Some of the crafts I learnt are actually the ones I observed whiel accompanying my mum for her crafts classes :)
5. Most of the people around me know my penchant and love for crafts, coz that's what I love talking about most!
6. I have an eye for details. I remember once I had visited a restaurant in Chandigarh (Punjab, India), for lunch and saw a lovely set of 3 paitings. The first thing I did after coming back home was to make one for myself, a close replica of the same :) and that too w/o any reference.
7. I love soft romantic music, but can listen to other forms as well :)
8. I love cake decoration and sugar craft.

I am passing this award to few people whose work I like or admire. So here they are (in no particular order):

1. Dr Sonia SV:  for sharing such awesome tutorials & such fab work!
2. Asma' Ahmad Bahari: I simply love her creations. She is such a perfectionist.
3. Azlina Lin: I am an ardent fan of her work. Really admire her work a lot.
4. ManuK: really like her creative quilling and bright colors she uses :)
5. Miyyah: She has an eye for a different type of quilling never seen anywhere else!
6. Kavitha: for her passion for crafts. She is an artist par excellence.
7. Paula: for her eye for details. You have to see the quilled tiger she made. 

Cheers & Happy crafting!! 


  1. Hey,thanks a lot.I receive this award 3rd time,n i am so very touched:))

  2. Thank You Indira. It is very interesting to read the artistic crafty nature of yours. Amazing that you could paint from memory. I need things right in front of me if I have to copy anything.

  3. Congrats on your award and sharing it with us, I am honored!,Happy that you like my tiger!!

  4. wow everytime i get to know something new about u i am amazed ,i knew u have an eye for details as all ur cards are so well executed but to paint something from memory that's just so amazing.


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