March 24, 2014

How to make a Lattice Window Card - Video Tutorial

Hi everyone! I recently posted quite a few lattice window cards and these were my first experiments with them. I also won some blog challenges for these cards of mine. One such win was at the Lulupu blog and I was invited to be the GD on their blog. So I made a video tutorial on how to make lattice window cards. There are many tutorials available on the net and each one has their own style. I have tried to showcase my style and how make these type of cards. Click here to view my GD post at Lulupu blog.

This is my first ever attempt on making a video tutorial, so kindly bear any kind of misses. Also please pardon the bad lighting and my badly abused craft mat. My husband pointed that out later :)

I did not get time to take pics side by side so I don't have a pictorial. Here are the pics of the completed card.

Thanks for dropping by. Do share your frank comments on how the video turned out to be.

UPDATED - 26 May 2014:
I made another version of this card. Here are the pics.


  1. Your card turned out gorgeous.Love everything about it.Haven't seen the video yet.My internet is painfully slowww.I am sure it's awesome.

  2. It is fantastic and thanks for the tutorial.

  3. A great tute Indira! Love your work and the variety you incorporate in your craft.


Thank you for your lovely comments! They mean a lot to me :)


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