February 7, 2014

Handcut Stencil Card

Hi lovely people out there! I am here to show you another card I created using a handcut
stencil. The fascination with stencils still continues after the Stencilled class....

I have been experimenting with stencils when I was in school and I used to trace the patterns that I liked and cut them using a normal craft knife or blade. I still have many of those stencils with me. After watching the Stenciled class, I was looking for more designs in my stash and didn't want to indulge in buying many of them and then not using them. Also I didn't have the patience to order and then wait to create till my stuff arrived.

So I decided to try cutting some patterns on my own. Here is a one with simple diagonal lines. I placed the stencil on CS and dabbed distress inks on it. Then I inverted the CS to make the criss cross pattern.

The paper I used to make the stencil is from an old diary. These were the separators inside the diary. These papers are of high gsm than the normal paper and have a glossy finish. I find it easy to cut through these papers.

Here is the stencil and the finished CS... I went in a VIBGYOR manner with the inks. I wanted to finsih the stenciled CS with ditressing the edges with co-ordination colors.

 This is the card I made using this as a background. Does anyone of you recognize this pattern I used on CS. Let me leave this open as a small quiz here. I will come back with the answer tomorrow :) HINT ***Clothing Brand***

That's all for now... cya and have a great weekend. If you have any queries regarding the stencils, do leave a comment below.


  1. Oh boy! This is AMAZING or what!!!!!!!!!

  2. Indira..your stencil cuts and ideas are great..It gives us a nice pattern with free of cost and the card has great look too..soon I am going to try something like this..Thanks for sharing

  3. This card is simply amazing Indira ..I so love your handmade stencil and the super way you have used it to create the background ..especially the rainbow array of colors :)

  4. The stencil is very neat Indira and how you have used it for the card is just superb.


Thank you for your lovely comments! They mean a lot to me :)


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