October 31, 2012

DIY Festive Decor

Hi. I know everyone must be excited and really busy preparing for Diwali. I made a whopping 10 cards in a day for Diwali. Will try and share them here soon.
In the meanwhile, I wanted to share a quick DIY project for Diwali.
I had shared this project earlier too [prev link], and this is a variation of that. It's so easy to make and adds an instant festive look to your room.
You can make napkin rings with tissue roll for your home matching your crockery, décor and occasion.

I made two napkin rings: one on Diwali theme and other on Christmas theme. I have a Christmas themed napkin set, so I made the napkin ring to match it.

 How-to make your own napkin rings in 3 steps:
1. Cut a tissue roll into 4 equal pieces using sharp knife/blade.
2. Cover the roll with designer/wrapping paper.
3. Decorate as desired with flowers, ribbon, laces, etc.


  1. These are such beautiful DIY ornaments and the quilled wreath is just exquisite!! love them all :)

  2. Wonderful ornaments for home decor !

  3. Loved the little quilled wreath... beautiful!!

  4. Pretty gorgeous creations.


  5. so beautiful and creative, such lovely napkin rings from tissue rolls very innovative indeed.


Thank you for your lovely comments! They mean a lot to me :)


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