July 19, 2012

Mega Celebration Event 6 Guessing Game - Winner

I had not imagined this game to be such a big hit amongst you all!! I wanted everyone to have a blast during my Mega Celebrations and so I diverted from arts to entertainment :)

The Guessing Game was divided into 2 parts and you were required to play both, Part 1 and Part 2 to be eligible to win. All of you except one participant, played both the rounds.
For this game you had to send me the names of 2 famous personalities hidden in each morphed image. Points were calculated based on the total score for both parts i.e. 3*2 + 3*2 = 12
Mashup and Answers for Guessing Game Part I 

Mashup and Answers for Guessing Game Part II 
None of the participants got all the answers correct. But the highest scorer with 11 points, who wins the awesome goody bag worth Rs. 1000 sponsored by A1 Craft Supply is....

Ruchita Shah

Many Congratulations Ruchita!! Please email me your complete address along with your contact number. 


  1. Nice ... Congratulation!! It was fun guessing.

  2. Omg this was really fun.Congrats Ruchita

  3. oh i just knew i had some of it wrong... but i never could have guesses that SRK was morphed with michael jackson!!! that one really blew me...congrats Ruchita...such a well deserved win :)

  4. congrats,


  5. Congrats Ruchita !! SRK n Stallone both were difficult to predict :) i m not good at such games, so happy to know that i got passing marks in this challenge Indira !


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