July 17, 2012

Mega Celebration Event 3 Crossword Puzzle - Winner

The results for event no. 2 are awaited. But in the meantime, I decided to go ahead with the rest of the results. 
I struck upon this idea of word game suddenly one night while preparing for the mega event on my blog. I wanted to do a game on the various embellishments that we use.
Here is the crossword and the correct answer grid:
 These are the answers I was looking for....
Many of you have mentioned Rubon, Bow, Bits, Pad, Net, etc... but the exact list is....
  1. Bling
  2. Brad
  3. Burlap
  4. Button
  5. Charms
  6. Chipboard
  7. Diecuts
  8. Flowers
  9. Glitter
  10. Lace
  11. Pearl
  12. Raffia
  13. Ribbon
  14. Ric rac
  15. Twine
Only one person got all the 15 embelishments correct. And that person is Snehal Watwe Welde!!

Snehal wins the fabulous prize sponsored by Creativita Store. You can see the full post and prize contents here...

Many Congratulations Snehal!! Please email me your complete address along with your contact number.


  1. Congrats snehal:) you really are on a winning streak :)3 wins in just under a week ...wow!!

  2. Congratulations.....!!!
    Indira that was a really thought of challenge...


  4. Congrats Snehal !! i didn't sent my entry for this event, so was waiting for correct answers..i didn't got lace n twine..puzzle was very well planned by Indira !!

  5. Thanks Indira...This week sure is awesome .I have a thing with word games.we ( word games and I) get along very well.lol.I had a ball playing this one.

  6. hi. congratulations. This week puzzle was interesting. i found more such games at

    crossword puzzles


Thank you for your lovely comments! They mean a lot to me :)


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