July 4, 2012

Mega Celebration Event no 6 - Guessing Game Part 1

Hi All!! I hope you all are enjoying the rains and I feel its the best time for crafting too! Just sit at home by the window, sip a cuppa and create something!

Ok coming out of my dreams and back to my mega celebrations. I know from your emails that you are having fun in the various events. The Guest challenge is still open till 12th July. So do join in.
You can check all the details related to the mega celebrations here.
All winners will be announced after 12th July.

This is the finale of the mega event and it is divided into two parts. You need to take part in both the events to be eligible for the prize.
The prize for this event is sponsored by A1 Craft Supply: India's finest online craft supply store.

The prize value is Rs. 1000/- and the pack contains:
  1. Waves pattern paper
  2. Assorted card stock
  3. Multi pack pattern paper W&M
  4. Bakers twine - 11 colors
  5. Mix brads
  6. Eyelets big & small
  7. Ding dong stickers  
Isn't that awesome!! Thanks Neha and Vikram for sponsoring the event.
Guys, do check out their store for amazing craft products under one umbrella.

How to play
You need to guess the names of the 2 famous personalities in each of the photos below. So you have to send me 6 names in total, 2 for each image.
A similar mashup, Guessing Game Part 2, will be posted next week also. Winner will be chosen from the participants who play both part 1 and 2 and send the maximum correct answers. For example, if you send all correct answers for  Guessing Game Part 1, but do not play part 2, you will not be eligible for the prize.
There is no time limit for sending the entries for Part 1. It is open till the end of Part 2.

 IMP points to be noted:
1. You need to play both parts of the Guessing game to be eligible to win.
2. Guessing game part 2 will be posted next week. So watch out for it.
3. Winners will be chosen from participants who play both part 1 and 2 and send the fastest correct entries for both.
4. Answers for part 1 can be sent till the last day of part 2.
5. Please email your answers to indira.bhullar@gmail.com


  1. Done.I dunno how many are right but fun nevertheless.

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  3. done and 95%sure.........lets see.

  4. Phew i think i am done too...but not sure i got this right...fingers crossed!!!had a lot of fun though!!

  5. interesting game,done and sent the mail.

  6. It was fun Guessing!!! have mailed u the results...Fingers Crossed :)

  7. Nice event..mailed u my ans..hope they are correct !!


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