June 22, 2012

Mega Celebration Event no 4 - Things to do with a circle punch

Hi all! I am back with another fun post. I actually wanted to call it 7 things to do with the circle punch but I guess I will certainly discover more things in the time to come and keep adding to this post.
But for now I will stick to 7 simple things to do with the circle punch. I will try and illustrate with some of my stuff where I have used these. I will also pick-up stuff around the net and link to it wherever I find good use of the circle punch.

1. Bunting – Punch out assorted pattern papers or colored papers and cut them into half and use as bunting.
Used here in a mini book..
Used here in a mini album...
2. Borders Punch out colored / pattern papers and stick them to form a scalloped border. To add more fun to this design, you can also punch each of the pieces.
Used here as top border, overlapping...
Used here as side border, not overlapping......
All around border for circular easel card...

3. Flowers – There are many types of flowers that you can make using round punch.
Flower made using 7 circles.
1 punch manys ways :) [click to enlarge]
Step 1: Fold the paper and punch from the folded side.
Step 2: The petals should look like these.
Step 3: Combine 3 petals to form a tulip.
Step 4: Add 2 more petals on each side to form a lotus.
Step 5: Turn the lotus upside down and add another petal to form a 3D flower.

4. Background – Punch out assorted pattern or colored papers and randomly stick on the base to form a background. You can also punch out circles in different sizes.

5. Stamping – Use a small stamp to stamp a design on paper and punch it out with your circle punch. Or you can use a big stamp to stamp different parts of the design on 3-4 punched out circles to create a different look. Use these circles to decorate your card.
A small butterfly stamp...
A bigger stamp inked from different areas...

6. Frame corners – Cut the punched circle into four and stick on the corners of paper to create a frame type look.
Used here on 2 corners...

7. Tabs: You can either use the full circle for creating tabs or cut it into half. I have marked months on the tabs and attached on pages of the booklet.

Interesting references from the net:


  1. Very informative post...and great insights on how to use a circle punch in more than one way.The only problem is that I don't own a circle punch.But will invest in one as soon as find one.

  2. WAOH!! Indira, m going to use my circle more often now:)

  3. Super informative post Indira. I will try these for sure .

  4. Nice collection of cards using circle punch in many creative ways.Loved it....But I still don´t have circle punch :( still my poor scissor is helping me.

  5. nice ideas, and very nice cards!!!

  6. great ideas to follow !thanks for sharing !!

  7. wow..just superb post..i use my circle punch just for basic shape or for flower...but u made me to think of using punches in most possible ways..never imagined use of cirlce punch in so many ways...wonderful...love all your uses !!

  8. Very informative :) thanks for sharing :)

  9. oh wow i wonder how i missed this post...its really very informative i loved the way the BG using different colored circles is made!!!and the yellow flower looks gorgeous!!

  10. thats a very nice tute dear..very useful..came across this use of circle punch..http://pinterest.com/pin/171066485816415021/
    hope you like it :)

  11. Wow!! Love this post.....
    Soo informative!!! I do own a small circle punch and a circle cutter which i have not used until now...
    Thanks to your research, will have to use them now!!!!

  12. Wow... i loved this post.. i have a circle punch but not so many ideas... now i can use it in a better was... I use this circle punch to make quilled spiral roses...

  13. great ideas thanks for sharing


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