June 14, 2012

Mega Celebration Event no 3 - Crossword Puzzle

Hi guys! I am back with Mega Celebration Event no 3 - a Crossword Puzzle. Before we get onto that, I hope you have registered for the first and second event. If not, do that asap!!

Ok, coming back to the event: I have hideen names of 15 common embellishments that we use on our projects, in the puzzle below. I have crossed out one of them as an example for you. The first person to mail me all 14 correct names will be delcared the winner.  

The winner will be announced at the end of the final event i.e. 12th July. The winner will receive a yummy prize sponsored by Creativita Store owned by Jovita D'Souza.

Here is what Jovi has to say: "The basic aim of Creativita Store is to provide craft products to all at decent prizes so that everyone can pursue their hobbies. I try to offer a variety of products to my customers, the recent addition being 'Dies'."

How to play:
  1. Download the above image.
  2. Open it in Ms Paint and cross out the answers as shown in example.
  3. The names can be found horizontally, diagonally as well as vertically, in both directions.
  4. Send the crossed out image with a list of 14 embelishments to me at indira.bhullar@gmail.com.
  5. The last date to send entries for this event is Monday, 18th June midnight.

**IMP** Rules to be followed:
1. To be eligible to win, you need to comment on Creativita Store's Facebook page and give them a feedback about their store.
2. No late entries will be accepted.

Jovi has been kind enough to sponsor a prize for this event, so I guess this is the least we can do to help her so that she can get the best stuff for us at reasonable prices. :) Thanks a lot Jovi for being a part of my mega celebration.


  1. wow thats some challenge!! got 8 more. cant seem to get more :(

  2. Ok...I have Sent you My Answers :) ..Hope I got it right :-/...Really Tested MySelf :)And Had lot of fun Solving it too !!

  3. Thanks Lavina and Hussena!
    Do remember the **IMP** rule to be eligible to win...... Drop in a comment at Creativita store's FB page....

  4. Great challenge .have found all 14 and sending it to you just now.

  5. very tough one indira!!
    I missed 2..:(

  6. yes indira i also missed 2 !! but enjoyed solving it..


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