June 11, 2012

Mega Celebration at Arty Sorts

Hey peeps!! I am having a Mega Celebration at my blog  - Arty Sorts. Its been long due and this time I decided to make it big! There are loads of fun events lined up over a span of one month.
For the curious ones, I am having these celebrations as I have never really celebrated my blogoversary. I started this blog back in 2007 casually and I used to post anything and everthing from food I made to crafts done in school. But since 2009 it has become a passion and I am glad that I have managed to maintain the focus! I also recently completed 250 posts on my blog. The celebrations will conclude in July with my Birthday and Wedding Anniversary.

Universal rule for all events:
To be a part of my mega event, you need to post the below image on your blog sidebar.

Let's begin the fun with the blog candy that I am offering.  I am going to add some stuff to this based on the response that I get. To participate for the candy you need to register in the Linky tool below. Winner will be chosen randomly and announced at the end of the month long celebration i.e. 12 July 2012.
  Contents of the Candy
2 Big rub-on stickers, Doll embelishments, 2 Baby stickers, Glitter Round Frames, Self-adhesive Rhinestones, Doilys, Flower buttons, Itsy Bitsy sequins, Do Crafts 5 embossed white cards with envelopes, Flower jewellery seal

You need to follow alteast 5 rules below to be eligible for the candy, the first and last ones being mandatory:
  1. Post the mega celebration announcement image on your blog sidebar
  2. Post about the mega event on Facebook
  3. Make a blog post about it on your blog
  4. Be a follower of my blog Arty Sorts
  5. Follow my FB page Arty Sorts
  6. Leave a comment here to let me know what all you completed.
  1. All are welcome to join in the events as long as you can provide an Indian address to post the prizes.
  2. You need not necessarily have a blog to participate. You may email me at indira(dot)bhullar(at)gmail(dot)com.
Links to all posts related to the Mega celebration:
1. Mega celebration event 1: Blog Candy - You are here
2. Mega celebration event 2: Guest Challenge
3. Mega celebration event 3: Crossword Puzzle
4. Mega Celebration Event no 4 - Things to do with a circle punch
5. Mega Celebration Event no 5 - Treasure Hunt
6. Mega Celebration Event no 6  - Guessing Game Part I
7. Mega Celebration Event no 6 - Guessing Game Part II

Winner announcement posts:
1. Mega celebration event 1: Blog Candy Winner - Pratyusha Venugopal
2. Mega celebration event 2: Guest Challenge Winner - Dr. Sonia & Top 3 - Hussena, Snehal  and Nupur
3. Mega celebration event 3: Crossword Puzzle Winner - Snehal Watwe Welde
4. Mega celebration event 5: Treasure Hunt Winner - Hussena Calcuttawala
5. Mega celebration event 6: Guessing Game Winner - Ruchita Shah


  1. Dear Indira looks like a very interesting way to celebrate with a series of events.
    I am not a facebook fan but shall go "like you" there!

    Have fun during your celebrations

  2. thats a g8 way to celebrate :)
    i am participating :)

  3. WOW... Nice way to celebrate. congos... posted on my blog, and on facebook at my page too, was already a fan on fb... looks like I did all of them :) :D

  4. gr8 event indira. it will be fun.have done all needs to participate.

  5. congrats on your achievement,looks like lots of fun!!!

  6. Wow! The Mega Celebration sounds exciting! Good Luck..
    I have added the celebration announcement to my blog sidebar, shared about it on FB.. Became a follower of ur blog and liked you on FB..

  7. So happy that you stopped by The Shaque and accepted my friend request on FB! Happy to return the favor and am now a follower of your blog!
    Jessica S

  8. wow that sounds so interesting, would love to participate!!
    Congratulations for you anniversary and best wishes..
    looking forward to the event..

  9. I have added the celebration announcement to my blog sidebar, shared about it on FB.. already a follower of ur blog and liked you on FB..and ofcourse the comment :)

  10. congrats Indira
    I do remember....my first candy won was sponsored by u...
    all done for draw

  11. Hi Indira,
    CONGRATULATIONS, joining ur celebration:) already a follower & liked FB page
    good day
    drop in

  12. Congrats Indira..Great way of celebrations...Would love to be part of all activities...I am your blog follower, liked FB page, posted mega event on sidebar, posted on FB page....Hope to have more fun...:)

  13. Im done with all u have asked :))
    And a big thanks for this event:))

  14. Hii...I've liked ur blog,liked ur Facebook Page, posted about the giveaway on my blog and added the poster announcement on the blog sidebar too...keeping my fingers crossed to win :)

  15. Congrats Indira for crossing 250 blogpost and that too in just a year of blogging..it's a great achievement..thanks for the giveaway..already your follower !!

  16. Congratulation Indira!! Exciting event!! Have liked ur fb page and become a follower of ur blog . will post on my blog ....
    Happy crafting and blogging.

  17. congratulations Indira.. done all except posting on my blog.. Will do it soon.. thanks for a chance!

  18. Hi Indira,
    Congrats on reaching the various landmarks in the blogland and so looking forward to all the events of your Mega Celebration...i have done all that's required...wishing you all the best for this celebration and thank you for the chance :)

  19. Hi Indira!!
    you are a wow.. Followed ur rules..:)
    Congratulations on celebrations..:)

  20. hey Indira,
    Congratulations on all yr achievments... lately i have been following your creations closely... some are amazing, some have floored me. some have stunned me and some have made me come back to them again n again... I have learnt a lot of things from your creations!!!
    I would love to take this opportunity to Thank you for sharing all your lovely work...
    I have done all tht's required...
    Thanks for hosting loads of events...

  21. Congrats .I have loved your work and has been a follower for a long time now.and joining in the fun.great way to celebrate.

  22. Congratulations on your 2nd blogoversary!! Wishing you all the best and many more success for you on the way!

  23. Congrats Indira... i am already a follower of ur blog... liked u on facebook page... and added the celebation announcement on my blog side bar....

  24. Hi,

    The idea is really interesting. So many things.....really excited. I have posted the image on my blog, following your blog and fb page, created a post on my blog and here is the comment.

    All the best for your MEGA EVENT!!!
    Wishing you great success.

  25. I have added the celebration announcement to my blog sidebar,became follower of ur blog shared about it on FB.. liked you on FB..and finally the comment :)

  26. Congrats INdira.......... i have added the announcement for mega event at my blog's sidebar, liked ur FB page n post about it tooooooo. n now sending u a comment.... so please consider me in ur draw :)

  27. Indira..... before leaving ur page i saw a link to your wedding site......... its amazing d way u ppl had thought to liven up each n evry memroy of ur love.......... i m greatly touched by it......... God bless u both ....... u r a lovely couple

  28. Congratulations ....The Mega Celebration sounds exciting! I have added the celebration announcement to my blog sidebar,became follower of ur blog shared about it on FB.. liked you on FB..and finally the comment :)

  29. Congratulations Indira. Completed all pre-requisites... Thanks for the chance and keep up the fabulous work.

  30. Congratulations Indira...
    I have posted about ur celebration on my sidebar..Wrote a post about it.. Followed your blog.. shared on FB...
    Keeping my fingers crossed to win this wonderful candy... :)

  31. Congratulations Indira..
    I always admire your works..
    Keep gng..all the best..
    Have completed the tasks in list..!!

    Happy 2 participate..!!

    Sridevi MuraliKrishna

  32. hi Indira...
    you have a fabulous blog!completed all the prerequisites..
    fingers crossed



  34. Indira following your rules
    1. Am your follower
    2. Liked on facebook
    3. Blogged about your event in blogpost
    4.posted on blog sidebar
    5. Commenting to let you know!

    I couldnt participate in word hunt and treasure hunt since I was hours late but did make something special with recycling for your celebration especially!

  35. Posted about your blogoversary in my blog post and already added it in my blog's sidebar..also liked your fb page..thanks for a chance to win !!
    here's the link-

  36. I have done all the five rules.
    count me in..


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