August 18, 2011

ICR Secret Buddy Swap - Sent

Finally I get to publish this post after ensuring that all my 3 swap buddies received the swap.
This time the ICR Secret buddy swap was to send three 3" x 3" notecards plus one bookmark/tag to 3 buddies that were assigned to us. Once we registered for the swap we were secretly told about our 3 swap partners. The deal was to to send the swap to our buddy on Friendship day.
Here are the 9 notecards and 3 bookmarks that I made. Oh yeah, we also had to make the envelopes for the cards.
 My 3 buddies were Ujjwal Gupta, Shobana Ravi and Shalini Maskara.
Here are my 3 envelopes, ready to be sent.
 Wat's inside.... :)
 The matching notecard and bookmark.

 Seen here are the notecards, along with the envelopes.

I made the envelope template myself by placing the card on the paper and making the envelope to measure. I made the envelopes bigger by half an inch to fit the embellishments comfortably.


  1. wow they are very pretty, like the envelopes to, very nice work!!!

  2. lovely note cards and bookmarks i really liked the envelopes u have made to fit the note card .can u tell me the dimension for it and also how u created the scallop in the flap?

  3. Lovely collection Indu... all the minis r just fab...

  4. I have them and will treasure them forever! loved them :)


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