August 8, 2011

Rakhi card & Ferrero Rocher roses tutorial

Rakhi card - a la Cadbury celebrations! Isn't it? Well I realised this after completing the card. It looks inspired by Cadbury celebrations ad for Rakhi. There are a lot of interesting elements in this card. The gorgeous purple design paper from Archies, the golden corner stickers from HyperCity, the stamped paisley and roses made using Ferrero Rocher wrapper. See I told you I think before throwing any stuff. And yes, the beaded bling that you see is also self-made.
Please click on the pics to enlarge them.

Now, a quick tutorial on how to make Ferrero Rocher roses.
1. After you have relished your Ferrero Rocher, take its wrapper and flatten it into a square.
It doesn't have to be perfect and all roses will differ from one another in shape.
2. Fold it into half to form a triangle
 3. Start rolling in one direction as shown.
4. This is how your completed rose will look like. 
 5. Scrunch the bottom to form a stem.

 6. Cut off the excess stem if need be. I have cut it off for this particular card.

 Waiting to hear from you guys how you like this tutorial!! :)

Challenge eneterd:


  1. Beautiful card!! What great easy and so pretty..loved the paper too !

  2. Hey Indira.. This is neat stuff.. Great tutorial too... I gotta try it although I don't like Ferrero Rocher at all...!!

  3. Indira I love your recycling-- I have lots of these wrappers saved up too.Made a few roses but they crush easily so abandoned! still I didnt throw any away!Your card looks so glamorous

  4. your card has an ethnic look which i really love those roses look so much fun have to save those wrappers in the future to make them:)

  5. Beautiufl card!.. and gorgeous roses!.. Thanks for the tutorial! :)

  6. lovely work.. loved your rose made out of foil paper. g8 to see your work..


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