September 8, 2015

Baby Girl Album 8x8in

Hi everyone! Today I am sharing an album which I made on order, for a baby girl. The album cover is about 10x10" and the inner pages are 8x8". It is a huge hard bound album with 8 pages and 8 inserts. It can hold about 78 photos of various sizes as listed below:
4x6" - 42
4x3" - 12
3x3" - 13
2x2" - 11

The album has a flap which closes back on the cover, protecting all the inner stuff. I added the baby's name and some frills on the flap. On the spine, there are some charms attached with various ribbons.

The center piece of the cover is a shaker embellishment that I created. It has beautiful sequins and beads inside it. 

The first page has space for adding birth stats of the baby....

The next two pages have space for the very first photo of the baby and photo with mom and dad.

Then we have space for pre-birth events like, pregnancy scan photos and baby shower. The enclosure on the left page can hold many photos as shown in the video below.

These pages have space for adding baby's homecoming pictures and the naming ceremony. The frock has a flap on top for two 4x6 photos and the main front opens up to reveal more space for journaling and photos.

Here, the parents can add pictures of baby's firsts and baby's favorite stuff.

This space can be used to display the family tree and some more pictures from special occasions/festivals celebrated in the baby's first year.

These two pages have accordion pockets to hold pictures of each month of the baby's first year. 

These pages are meant to have the first birthday photos and other details like the guest list and gifts received.

The last page has a multifold space for adding many photos. 

The inside part of the back cover has a pocket to hold a CD or other memorabilia.

Click below to view the video of the baby album.

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  1. WOW!!! Awesome all the different folds and interactive elements in the album...

  2. Oooh it is so pretty...looks like you put in a lot of love into it!!
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects


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