July 17, 2011

ICR Mumbai Crafters meet

Finally we had the first get-together of the ICR Mumbai crafters on 16th July. Incidentally, the gang at Delhi and Bangalore also met on the same day for the first time. The excitement of all the members just cannot be explained in words. We bonded like a house on fire. Everyone had so much to share and so many things to talk about. Paru shared so many tips and tricks that I almost thought of jotting them down on a piece of paper :)
We shared our experiences and our fav craft destiantions in Mumbai.
Neha and Jovita gave us a pleasant surprise by getting some goodies for us. Khyati also got cute little cards for all of us. Paru brought some really gorgeous embossed papers for us.
 Embossed papers that Paru got for us :)
 Cute little card by Khyati
 And finally the group pic. From left to right (Khyati, Paru, Neelam, Neha, Asmita, Jovita & me)


  1. wow u lucky things what fun to meet with fellow bloggers,and the exchange of gifts looks so nice.its nice to put a face to people we know mostly for their work .its amazing how technology has changed our lives ,so many strangers bonding with each other because of their common passion "crafting"

  2. hi indira just wanted to tell u that the post for your slider card does not open ,for some reason.i have been trying to open it since morning and every time the blogger says that the post does not exist so kindly do check it again.

  3. Yes Hussena, it was really a lot of fun! We are really eager to meet again very soon.
    The slider post was not complete and I have saved it as a draft for now. It got posted by mistake and I removed it. I will post it again soon :) Thanks for letting me know about it.

  4. oh ok i just thought that u may be having some blogger troubles so thought to inform you:)

  5. Awesome yummy stuffs!!! Feels good to learn ALL had FUN!!! That is all that matters at the end of the day..... :)


  6. who got the bag? not the goodies, just the bag!!!

  7. Hey Tejal! Jovita got the bag. So nice of her isn't it. She took the lead and organised the meet also :)

  8. Thats some great stuff and sounds like an exciting meet !!


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