July 8, 2011

Crafty shopping on Birthday

Hey guys! First of all thanks for such wonderful birthday wishes on my blog, mail and ICR forum :)
Last week Priya posted pics of her crafty shopping on her bday, and how I wished I could do the same.
I happen to visit a newly opened mall in Mumbai on my bday and guess which shop I spotted as soon as I entered there !!!! Hobby ideas store :) And I couldn't stop thanking God for it :) The store had closed down from other malls that I frequent and I was very upset about that. I spent more than an hour shopping to my heart's content and my hubby accompanied me smilingly!!

Check out Hobby ideas website. They have stores in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat & Nagpur.

 The goodies
 Some stickers, rub-ons, sentiments...
 Butterfly mania :)
 Loads of embellishments!!
 DPs :) 


  1. Wow so many goodies Indira. DO tell me the name of the mall and address. Planning to come to Mumbai in Dec for a medical conference and if time permits will do a bit of shopping

  2. wow di..lucky u :)

    where is this mall in mumbai???

  3. This is in Malad, Infinity mall. Hobby Ideas also has a store at Kemps Corner town side. Dr. Sonia, do let me know when you visit Mumbai. We should meet up :)

  4. hi indira so sorry i missed your b'day ,belated birthday wishes to you hope u had loads of fun.and must say u really had a sweet day what with getting this load of goodies ,all of them are just wow...have fun with them:):)

  5. Wao... This is whole lot of yummy stuff!!!
    I know you must be feeling like a crafting queen while doing free shopping on the B'day... and good to see you... :)
    Hope you has a wonderful birthday..


  6. wow .. lovely stuff... hope you have enjoyed your birthday...

  7. Gorgeous stuff...looks yummy.. I so badly wish there was one such store in Delhi:( There are just shops that keep such stuff so not all the variety is there...by the way..happy Birthday :)

  8. Happy Birthday girlie...I think I should meet up with you...my house is 10 mins from this new mall...my mom's house...planning to come down for Rakhi....
    you picked up loads of good stuff...did you see the Miss Elizabeth papers? they're really good designs!!

    This is the best kind of birthday ever!!

  9. Thanks for all the lovely comments and the Birthday wishes :)


Thank you for your lovely comments! They mean a lot to me :)


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