May 23, 2013

Quilled Name Plate

Hi. I made this name plate on order. The color theme suggested was Red and Gold and the technique required was quilling with beehive. I have used 2 shades of red. Not sure if its visible through this picture. One of the WIP photo below shows it well. I have not incorporated too much design into this so that the names can be read clearly. I used a handmade paper from a local shop for the base. I painted it with bronze and golden paint to make the texture stand out and I really liked how it enhanced the overall look.

 A look at some work-in-progress images.

Do you see the difference in the bg color here. The bright bronze and gold makes it stand out.

This is my first attempt at a quilled name plate. Do let me know your frank feedback on this.

Edited: Thanks for your feedback friends. No, this is not my handwriting. I took a print out and traced it on paper as printing on handmade paper is not possible.


  1. beautiful,lovely paper in the background, and did u write the letters or a printout,am also new to it and want to know..thanks
    quilled pics doesn't look as good as the real ones especially when you use behive,but yours is good because of the background paper i guess.

  2. I think your quilling is great and I really like the background.Is that your own handwriting?If it is,it's awesome.

  3. Hey...This is very good for your first attempt. Just a small suggestion, you can trace the letters instead of directly drawing on the project. Just to avoid any leftover marks!

  4. Lovely indira. I so so much love it. It is sure to catch every visitors' s eye

  5. wow, awesome lettering, love the background to !!!!

  6. Fabulous and fantastic and until I read the very last word....I didn't realize it was your first attempt.Also your handwriting is superb...well done

  7. Great and fantastic name art, love it show much, thanks for sharing ! must check


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