September 28, 2012

Notecards Gift Boxes - Punched Design

I made these Notecards Gift Boxes few months back but was not able to post them. I have few more with different designs as well. This one is the Tile Punch Design. I made 2 boxes of the same pattern: one in blue and one in yellow. I haven't used the MS scoreboard to make them as my score board arrived much later :) I made my own templates for the boxes.
 Each box has a set of 3 notecards matching the outer design and in 3 different colors.
 The box and the three notecards.
 Here are the 2 boxes with the notecard set.
Do let me know how you liked my gift box set. I plan to put 3 matching envies also in the box. These are ideal for gifting.


  1. your boxes and notecard set looks so the fresh colors and simple design on these neatly made..this would be a perfect gift for any one :)

  2. I loved this simple and neat designs.I have the same punch...but never used it.Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Loved both of them and yep I agree they are ideal gifts for anyone.Its amazing that you made such neat ones without the MS scoreboard.But MS scoreboard does make life easier ...don't you agree?

  4. So neat & Simple...yet Elegant...loved all note cards..but Pink is my Favorite one..

  5. They look so lovely...Perfect gift!

  6. Very pretty you have such a cool eye for colors and design Indira...missed meeting you in my last visit to Mumbai!

  7. So neat & Simple...yet Elegant...loved all note cards..but Pink is my Favorite one..wish to use this in Gift Card envelopes.


Thank you for your lovely comments! They mean a lot to me :)


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